'We can't cure your hangover, but we can find you the perfect student home to recover in'

At Martin & Co we recognise that without reliable and trustworthy tenants our business wouldn't work, that's why students are always on the top of our priority list. Whether it's fixing the heating or offering advice, we will always help our students as efficiently and effectively as possible.

Easy to find property search

With our property search, you can easily find affordable accommodation close to your University campus.

Approachable staff

Our expertly trained staff are friendly and patient and are committed to ensuring that your time in a Martin & Co student home is an enjoyable one.

Student Handbook

We understand that most students are renting for the first time, so we've created a student handbook to guide you through the process.

Student property promise

When you think of student properties, unsavoury images of rundown houses usually come to mind. Our property promise insures that the property you rent is in good condition and is compliant with safety regulations.

We provide information for parent/guarantors

Whether acting as guarantors or paying the rent, parents play a major role in the rental process. Communication and information to provide peace of mind that the property is being well looked after is very important.

We deal with everything

We take away all the stress involved when renting your student home by handling everything for you. We take care of all the legal requirements, we deal with the landlord and we are your point of contact if you ever need any help.